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December 2, 2011

Christmas At Our House...

Our Woodsy Christmas Mantel 
 The Fireplace/ Mantel complete with a little sled, which was a Goodwill find. It was so ugly. Light brown with hand painted flowers. ECK! With a little elbow greese, lots of sanding, and staining and here it is... I just love it!
(I'll post the before pictures soon)

I found this antique chicken feeder while junkin for $10 bucks... I love changing this up for the season. Here I've added greenery, pinecones, and candles!

Our Foyer decked out for Christmas


Don't you just love a little red wagon??? Even if it's "old" and beat up! I picked this wagon up at a Goodwill for less than $15 bucks... I didn't change a thing about it!

Come & sit with me for a spell...
we'll sip hot chocolate and eat Christmas cookies
Merry Christmas & Hugs to you,
Mom of the 2 B's


November 11, 2011

October 29, 2011

Halloween at Our Home

Our Halloween Mantel
Halloween Tree
My girlfriends and I got together and made these fun little Halloween Trees... We simply cut branches from my old oak trees, spray painted them black, and then went to town adding all the fun pieces. Hobby Lobby is a great source for little ornaments in all kinds of colors, here I used black and a few made to look like large diamonds. Even adding home-made scrapbook paper ornaments and a little witch I found at Ross. We had a ball with this... especially shopping. It was fun to see what all the girls came up with, different colors and themes. Now I'm onto making a Thankful Tree for Thanksgiving... I've made Easter Trees in the past too.
Happy Halloween!

September 11, 2011

In Memory Of Those We Lost

Today my heart goes out to so many... these are the innocent faces of those we lost. Also to those who have fought and continue to fight to give us our freedoms.
"Freedom isn't Free!"
You will always be remembered.

August 23, 2011

Doll Bed Love - American Girl Doll Bed That Is

Black, White, and Pink Zebra Bedding
for Brooke's American Girl Doll, Kit

Kit loves her new bed!
We purchased this bed as a kit at IKEA, put it together and added paint stir sticks as inserts for the headboard and footboard to personalize it more. Brooke helped paint the bed bright white, and added the bright pink K for Kit to the bed's footboard. She picked out the material for the custom bedding I made for her.

Fun Bright Colors
for Bailey's American Girl Doll, Julie

Julie loves her new bed too!
 Bailey and her daddy built this bed together... it was a wonderful daddy/ daughter project. We painted it bright white and added her Doll's name on the footboard. She also picked out the material and I sewed the bedding. This was a project for the entire family! Let us know what you think...

March 14, 2011


photo credit: Keith Scott Morton, Country Living

March 13, 2011

And so it goes....

I've wanted to create a blog for a long time... mainly to document our every day lives. The funny things my twins say and do so I don't forget. Now that they are almost 7 yrs. old here I sit starting my blog and my very 1st post. If you're here, THANK YOU! You've either stumbled onto Once Upon 2 B's by mistake or because your family or a friend who got suckered into stopping by. Either way I'll take it and I hope by some small chance this might even inspire you to do the same... document the "Days Of Our Lives," which just happened to be my favorite soap opera of all time growing up. Hehe!
Recently I've found myself in need of inspiration for new and fun things to do around our house and yard and wow did I find it on blogger. In just a matter of a few days I went from zero projects to having my creative juices spinning on overtime. HELP, I can't shut them off!!! Seriously there are some amazingly talented folks out there (you know who you are). Thank you to those of you who didn't even know you inspired me to get off my you know what and start this blog. Here are just a few of my favorites, sit back, relax, grab your favorite beverage and take it all in....